Foods like None Other!

Val Whalin has been cooking and baking since she was 11 years old. 
In 2009, she and her youngest daughter Colleen, launched Charmed Scones, as a way to help fund Colleen's wedding. Together they created a strong online community as well as participating in several Farmers Markets throughout Los Angeles and building a loyal fan base.  In 2011 Colleen and her new husband moved to San Francisco. 
In 2012, while continuing Charmed Scones, Val found an opportunity to have a retail location and became the Managing Partner of an existing business, Buttercelli Bakeshop, and incorporated Charmed Scones into the location.  Over the next three years Val created the only bakery in the Los Angeles area that provided organic, allergen-free, baked goods and foods for Everyone! Traditional Wheat products, Gluten Free, Vegan and Paleo diet foods.  No peanuts on the premises, no soy or soy lecithin used in anything. Food colors and decorations made from fruits and veggies. Buttercelli Organic Bakeshop was ranked #1 Gluten Free Bakery in Los Angeles by USA Today and LA Weekly.  As the world changes so do partnerships and in 2015 Buttercelli closed its doors in Sherman Oaks CA.  
Val, however retains the name and the recipes.  She is currently providing a scaled down offering of products that can be shipped nationwide, while looking for a new retail location and the launch of Buttercelli 2.0 ;-)  Stay tuned for yummy things to come!